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Image by Bence Balla-Schottner

Watch Repair

No matter what condition your jewelry may be in, we can help it attain the breathtaking refinement it once exemplified.

Did the diamond fall out? Is the setting chipped? Or is it just plain old? No matter what went wrong, your jewelry can become sparkling, brilliant, and new again with the expert jewelers on our repair team. Each craftsman is a talented artisan with the skills and abilities needed to transform any piece into a dazzling work of art.


Your jewelry is an investment. As with any good investment, maintenance and care are required to preserve its value. The Ridglea Watch and Jewelry repair department offer complete jewelry repair from the simplest chain repair to the most complex ring refurbishing. The staff at Ridglea Watch and Jewelry looks forward to serving you and helping solve your jewelry repair needs.


Your father’s watch. The one that has now been passed on to you, as a keepsake to treasure. You remember seeing the timepiece on his deeply tanned forearm as you grew up. It’s the gold watch he wore all of his adult life, and you are honored now to have it in your hands. 

But it no longer runs. Where can you take this watch to be restored as a functioning and useful memento of your father?

Bring it to us at Ridglea Watch & Jewelry, where our owner and president, Mark Isham, is a highly trained horologist. He will treat your timepiece with utmost care and respect, and his goal is to be sure that Ridglea Watch & Jewelry is the place to come for watch repair.

Mark received his bachelor’s degree at Abilene Christian University. Then, he spent two years qualifying to be a bench jeweler at the Institute of Jewelry Technology in Paris, Texas and was convinced by his instructor to extend his stay and attend the horology school. 

“By the time I graduated, I had fallen in love with watches,” Mark says. “I just have an eye for detail and when I’m working with watches, time just flies by.”

His expertise with watches is an important part of the service we offer our customers at Ridglea Watch & Jewelry. You can also have your jewelry repaired, appraised, restrung, and custom design services available.

Mark has worked on many thousands of watches, including Rolex and other brands recognized as among the finest in the world. “My expertise is working on Rolexes,” he notes. Owners of such mechanical watches should have them serviced about every four years. “That’s about how long the oils in a mechanical watch are good for”, he adds.



He will give the same careful attention to your timepiece, whatever brand it may be. “When I opened Ridglea Watch & Jewelry, I adopted a policy that every person’s watch was important and that I would take great care with every watch regardless of how much our customer had paid for it. We have remained true to that commitment and you have my word that we will never change,” he said.


Mark personally attends to virtually all of the watches that are brought in for repair, but occasionally he will send out some work to one of the top horologists in the country. Like Mark, he has extensive experience with Rolex and other premier watch brands. Their collaboration insures that you’ll never experience an excessive wait while your watch is under repair.


It’s quite possible that your watch could come out of Ridglea Watch & Jewelry’s repair room in better-than-factory condition. Mark cites the example of a famous maker watch which is known for having weak links that come easily apart. “Our laser welder is able to take care of that,” Mark said, making the watch stronger than it was coming out of the box.


Even if your watch is just in for a battery change, Mark will give your watch a check-up and polish it when possible. Your watch can even be steam-cleaned, if appropriate. The store also offers an extensive selection of band styles and sizes. Ridglea Watch & Jewelry is one of the increasingly rare jewelry stores whose customers benefit from having a full-time horologist on staff. With Mark’s depth of knowledge of timepieces, he determined that our store would provide a limited number of watch brands that exemplify state-of-the-art timekeeping, beauty, and innovation.


We invite you to come by our friendly, customer-focused store to get acquainted with these beautiful watch brands, and to bring us the timepieces you treasure that are in need of repair. We pledge to do our very best to meet your expectations.

Jewelry Repair

Ridglea Watch & Jewelry has a specialized jeweler on-site daily with decades of experience to impress. from a simple clasp repair to pearl restringing, we have got you covered. Ridglea Watch & Jewelry also specializes in stone settings. I from the tiniest millii to a 5 carat. We are here to service your needs.

Watch Store

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