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Mission Jewelry

Jewelry with a history and a purpose.

We are proud to present our own very special line of jewelry, the Mission Series, inspired by the historic Spanish missions of Texas. Let us share our story of how these inspirational pieces came into existence.

In March of 2010, an auction of rare Texana was held in Dallas. One of the lots was an antique iron cross, measuring about 12 by 7 inches, of the type used by Spanish priests who came to the New World to explore and evangelize. The exact age of this particular cross is unknown, but it is estimated to date to the late 18th century.

The cross was purchased by Ridglea Watch & Jewelry and made its way to our Ridglea design center, where it became the original inspiration piece for our Mission Series of jewelry. We have chosen to continue to honor the spirit of mission by pledging a contribution to the Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County for every piece of jewelry sold from the line.

The beauty and simplicity of the antique cross inspired our designer to duplicate it on a smaller scale, sized for a pendant on a woman’s necklace. Once the first copy was made, we realized immediately that a smaller version was also needed for men. We knew that we had something very special, and if possible, we wished to continue to develop an entire line of crosses and sacred jewelry with a connection to our Texas heritage.

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